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The first ancestor of the Wellington Law Revue originated in 1903 with student capping shows. By the 1930s these Students' Carnivals had evolved into what would be known as "Extravaganza", a series of short plays, songs, dances, and skits. The Extrav was an elaborate and slapdash production, with a cast at times numbering roughly 100 members. Over time, the Wellington Law Revue became a far more polished four-act show, dropping the traditional revue format completely. In its current form, the revue boasts 25 to 30 cast members in any given year. While not officially connected with Victoria University of Wellington, it shares close ties with the student community and performs in the university's Memorial Theatre. In 2021, the Wellington Law Revue Trust was formed to ensure the longevity of this cherished tradition for decades to come.

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